Legal Imaging’s culture helps
us achieve our ambitions.

That’s good for you, our client.

At Legal Imaging, paychecks are
important but purpose matters more.

Our passion makes all the difference

We are mission & metrics focused.

We attract customers by being accountable

We work to solve for you, our customer.

It’s better to obsess over customers than competitors

We strive to educate rather than exploit.

We become a working partner with your legal team

We strive to be remarkably transparent.

Today power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it

Results matter more than
when or where we produce them.

Results are driven by insight and data, not a time clock

Customized Litigation Support

Data Management Services


You have a partner in Legal Imaging who will remain a step ahead technologically, providing the best service while eliminating the need for you to hire additional staff members.
Trial Services

Trial Services

Legal Imaging offers a wide range of trial services, including video depositions and forensic photography & video.
Legal Document Services

Legal Document Services

Legal Imaging will assist in establishing best practices within your organization to archive and organize a searchable database.

Legal Imaging

Your efficient eDiscovery solution

At a time when law firms and corporate legal departments are questioning the most efficient way to handle eDiscovery, Legal Imaging is the answer. We form strategic alliances with clients and solve specific issues they face. Each group and each case within each group is unique. It is our ambition to decipher each one to the measurable benefit of our clients.


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