Why Legal Imaging?

Regardless of the type of law you practice or the specifics of an individual case, the Legal Imaging process can help. By listening carefully, then researching and confirming the validity of the collected data we can help you focus your case to accomplish the desired outcome. We’ve done it for over 17 years.

Our Credo

To achieve desired outcomes it is necessary to set and adhere to a set of priorities. In simple language, ‘don’t get the cart before the horse’. Our professional and life experience has shown us the importance of following a simple but vital path to success, for ourselves and our clients.

  1. Maintain and nurture a Spiritual Life
    We believe all blessings begin here.

  2. Maintain Absolute Truth in all relationships
    The first one being marriage, then friends & family, our clients and all humankind. Keep a tight, honest accountability and you’ll never stray too far.

  3. Always give back
    Our communities need strong leadership from those grounded in reality. Not only in elected and appointed positions but in engaged citizenry, as well.

  4. Commit constant support for Service Members & Vets
    Having served over 10 years in the USMC, John Kilpatrick, founder of Legal Imaging, knows how much this means first-hand.

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Managing Member

John Kilpatrick

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Vice President of Legal Technology

Doug Green


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