eDiscovery & Computer Forensics

LEGAL IMAGING brings a fresh approach as your eDiscovery partner. We pull from the comprehensive capabilities of three industry leaders; Relativity, Nuix and Brainspace, all working together to deliver key evidence. But even before these powerful technologies are set in motion, LEGAL IMAGING utilizes proprietary programs to reduce the amount of data to be searched. This proven step gives you the evidence needed cleanly, quickly and in a strategic and defensible manner.

In addition, LEGAL IMAGING has partnered with the University of South Alabama Computer Science Department to create a state-of-the-art forensics lab which will be housed in LEGAL IMAGING offices. Here the University's leading Masters Degree and PhD candidates will push industry boundaries as they develop the next generation of eDiscovery and forensic tools.

Our eDiscovery & Computer Forensics Services include:

  • Data collection and forensics
  • Data processing
  • Data analytics