Skype For Business Does Much More Than Make Web-Based Phone Calls

Skype For Business Does Much More Than Make Web-Based Phone Calls

There was a time when “Skype” was synonymous with “web-based calling.” People all over the world used the platform to connect and the company name itself became a verb much like “Google” or “Xerox.”

Since then, the internet telephony industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Acquired by Microsoft in 2011 and upgraded for business users, Skype evolved into the foundation of Office 365's voice communications.

This Isn’t Just “Skype” Anymore

Skype for Business is a creature different from the Skype you may have been using 10 years ago. It still handles phone calls and video chats, but there is a host of new features and attributes that make Skype for Business a worthy addition to your company’s communications. Here are seven of the most valuable elements that have been added over the years.

Integration With Microsoft Exchange

Since Skype is now owned by Microsoft, there is full integration with Microsoft’s existing products. Need to schedule a call? Skype for Business automatically syncs with your Outlook calendar. Looking for someone’s contact details? Information is constantly updated between all your Office communication platforms.

Cross-Platform Availability

The desktop version of Skype may be the most well-known, but a lot has changed. Skype for Business is accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Even if you don't have your devices handy, you can log into the browser-based application for access to your account.

Upgraded Security

On its face, Skype for Business’s instant messaging system may seem comparable to other messaging apps, but under the hood it's packed with privacy and security features.

Microsoft's proprietary security protocols are unsurpassed and provide coverage for every call, text, or file you send. From a legal standpoint, this feature is enough to boost Skype for Business into instant consideration for law firms looking to maintain confidentiality and secure the privacy of their communications.

Enhanced Web Conferencing Features

Skype For Business was built for the diverse needs of the business community rather than one-on-one video chatting. As such, there are numerous web conferencing features that add to its appeal:

  • Support for up to 250 meeting attendees
  • HD Video support for up to 6 participants
  • Presenter administrative controls, including mute, block, and invite features
  • Share PowerPoint presentations


Microsoft's in-house VoIP solution includes a polling feature that allows you to collaborate and vote on meeting topics, agenda items, and more. This is especially useful in the legal industry, when opposing parties often need to meet for depositions and negotiations. With Skype's polling features, agreeing on logistical details becomes much simpler.

Call Recording and Playback

Skype for Business allows presenters and organizers to record various portions of the meeting, including: video, audio, instant messages, and more. Saved files can be distributed to meeting attendees, stored for training, or transcribed.

Whiteboard Feature

For group collaboration and brainstorming, Skype’s digital whiteboard feature allows attendees to utilize a blank canvas to organize text, images, drawings, and more. This shared space is great when participants are spread across several locations, but need to organize information visually.

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